October 7, 2015

Sur les toits de Paris

Every once in while I take myself off to a Parisian monument....just because.

If you don't watch yourself, you can become very lazy and blasé about all the lovely buildings that make up this city. Having said that, I just can't ever get enough of the Eiffel Tower. Around my neighbourhood, I know most of the spectacular angles from where the "Grande Dame" can be spotted and even after four years I still turn to catch a peek of her, every single time.

Today I need some air and was hoping to get a nice blue sky as a backdrop for my photos. So the blue sky did not materialise but the view was still spectacular...

Climbing up the 284 stairs inside the Arc de Triopmhe

There's my "Grande Dame de Fer"

Sacré Coeur trying to catch a ray of sun

A majestic looking Champs Elysées

with a chaotic Place de l'Etoile

Rickshaws waiting for customers

... just can't get enough...

A well-trodden avenue leading towards Trocadero

La Defense, Paris' business district

"Sur les toits de Paris"

The Louis Vuitton Foundation from afar 

A distinctively French brand

October 6, 2015

Not quite ready for black yet...

Most Parisians would agree that September has been an exceptional month full of sunshine this year. Returning to the city on September 1st it felt a bit chilly and the official dress code was immediately back to black.

The predominant colour is still black but thanks to the good weather Parisians' hearts have warmed to the sun and many blotches of colour are to be spotted around town. Skirts and high heels are in for the ladies. Funky coloured socks for the gentlemen. We are all still clinging on to that ray of fading summer in the knowledge that soon the autumn rain and cold winter will hit us again with a vengeance. By Christmas we'll be longing for longer and brighter days.

In the meantime, I have been busy walking around town taking pictures because you learn not to waste a single beautiful day when living in Paris. You never know what tomorrow will look like.

I don't like taking pictures of people without asking their permission, therefore I am posting photos of the lovely Indian summer and will just let you imagine the rest.

Pont Alexandre III in front of the Grand Palais

Backside of the Musée d'Orsay

Prime view onto the Eiffel Tower 

The odd one out

 Musée National de la Marine

Tuilerie Gardens

An exotic touch in the Square George Cain

Jogging around the Bois de Boulogne

On my way to an exhibition and decided to walk rather than take the metro.... it was worth it!

No time for a break

 Qu'est-ce quelle est belle la France!

October 4, 2015

Une belle journée avec mon amie

Once in a while a real close friend will "pop by" and you trick yourself into thinking it will be just like before. Her company feels comfortable and familiar. You catch up with each other's lives that keep flowing their run just in different places of the globe. You exchange ideas and share your secret future projects and just when you feel you've found your groove again, you are waving good-bye, once more!

It is great to call this city my home and, Paris being Paris, friends will always come back to visit. The excitement that preceeds these visits is palpable on both sides, the moments spent together appear to be stolen because you are conscious time will evaporate in an instant. Before you know it, your heart is giving in to your mind - once again - so as not to become over-emotional. Over the past four years, we have had several farewells but it stings every single time.

My only feat this time, is that I did manage to keep the tears from flowing...

Paris' latest cultural addition: Louis Vuitton Foundation

The weather was perfect for our tour

A look along the building's foundation

A peek down the hull of the monument

An interesting approach to art...

... accumulating materials containing musical notations...

... who knew the British pound and the Swiss franc had music notes in common???

Au revoir mon amie, à la prochaine!

September 30, 2015

The ultimate Flaneuses exhibition

Creative, bouncy, frivolous and and intriguing would be the way to describe Hermes' exhibition "Dans l'oeil du Flaneur". The Flaneur being a distinct Parisian figure, I wonder how the company will export it to the next 10 cities abroad where the roadshow is heading?

Anyways, the upbeat, distinctively French tunes accompanied me on my trip through a gorgeous looking white Art Deco cupboard door and into Hermes' Wonderland of refined luxury.

The exhibit was a parcours of various themes from walking sticks (essential for a Flaneur) to tableware, Equestrian equipment and of course handbags. All these items were neatly knitted into a discovery path below a dimly illuminated tent which had been set up along the Seine for the occasion.

There was no distinct message rather just an invitation to stroll through the imaginary world of Hermes' creativity and enjoy some true "flaneusing".

Today, I truly wished my Flaneuses girlfriends could have joined me. I came across objects that would have caught their attention and I could here their voices in my head knowing what their comment would have been.

This was our exhibition, girls! Make sure you don't miss it when it comes to a city near you...

September 29, 2015

A traffic free Sunday in Paris

Dozens of animations, two times less noise on the central axis and a drop of 20 to 40 % of nitrogen dioxide levels compared to a similar Sunday... the first car free day met with a resounding success. It was an initiative by the city's mayor Anne Hidalgo who wanted to make a point that Paris can operate without cars and what a great initiative it was! It seemed as if everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful fall day.

I dragged my family out with the excuse to visit the Vide Grenier in the 7th arrondissement. Turned out it was more of a junk sale but being never the ones to falter we just decided to join the crowds and make our way across town by foot with the bikes, rollerblades and skateboards whizzing past us.

Let's see what the outcome will be for the United Nations Climate Conference which the city is hosting end of November. In the meantime, we enjoyed a glorious sunny day surrounded by smiling Parisians...

Pedestrian traffic on a sunny Sunday afternoon on the Champs Elysées

Sacre Coeur in the background

Big and small biking along the quais

Musée d'Orsay taken by assault by tourists

Skateboarders having a ball

Ooops, I lost the kids...

What would Napoleon think of all this?
The Dôme des Invalides, which contains Napoleon I's tomb, is the emblem of the Hôtel National des Invalides and an unmissable monument in the Parisian landscape.

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